Fruit of the Spirit: Spiritual Gift Analysis

A spiritual gift analysis tool can be helpful!  We have just spend the past couple months looking at some of the ways God has blessed his church.  Those Fruits of the Spirit are given out by God to his church.  One of the challenges for God’s people is taking an inventory of those gifts.  How do you know what you are good at?  For many people this starts with whatever you enjoy.  That’s a great place to start, but what if you don’t know what you don’t know.

One of the challenges with being young is that you don’t have the life experiences in your back pocket to understand the areas you might or might not have spiritual gifts.  Over time you would probably figure that out, but there are different personality profiles that can be helpful.  Clifton strengths, while not geared towards spiritual gifts per se, can be a great tool for identifying you gifts.  Grace in Action is an organization associated with our church body that can offer those services if you are interested.  I have had the opportunity to use some of what they offer serving on different boards for our church body.

A much simpler, quicker, and cost effective tool is the spiritual gift analysis questionnaire offered by our synod.  It was developed in the 1980, but it still can be a valuable resource.  Some of the applications tend to be dated, but the raw data is still of great help for the Christian who is trying to find some insight in the areas of service he or she might want to try.

This Sunday I walked you through taking advantage of this resource.

Please click HERE for the Spiritual Gift Analysis Tool.

If you are willing you can share your top five areas with Pastor Guldberg HERE.

THIS document shows some of the areas you might be able to serve with your gifts.

Please click HERE to find the Bible class slides.