VIC – Psalm 23 – The Good Shepherd

Psalm 23 is the Good Shepherd Psalm.  This is arguably the most well known portion of Scripture.  It is used in the funeral rite of our church body.  That means that it’s not just included in the suggested lessons for a funeral.  It’s the first thing after a brief greeting and prayer.  I believe that it is right to be there.  Psalms 23 expresses some of the most basic powerful truths of our God.  Let’s run down the list.

Our God provides for us.  I am told that sheep aren’t that bright.  If you watch the video of the Bible class you’ll be able to see a sheep use all of it’s wisdom to jump over a ditch… twice…  In spite of the sheep’s antics, I’m betting that the onlookers rescue our fluffy friend a second time.  Our God not only provides for our physical needs, he also gives us everything that we need for our souls.  The truth of forgiveness in Jesus is the heart of the gospel.

Our God protects us.  This is easy enough to see with sheep.  These balls of wool have very little in the way of natural protection.  They are prime targets for predators.  Christians aren’t much different.  While it is true that God has not set up any of his children to be physical, emotional, or spiritual punching bags – abuse is terrible – we aren’t really built to defend ourselves.  Our God is the one who protects his church from the evils of this world.  As the Psalm says, “we will fear no evil.”

Our God be with us all the way to glory.  Now we come full circle to the end of life.  The watchful eye of the Good Shepherd will stay on us until we are safe by his side.  The trouble is that we can’t always see that truth.  Our confirmation sermon from Sunday touches on this point.  We live by faith.

Want to hear more?  Watch this, our second lesson, from our summer series VIC – Very Important Chapters of the Bible: Psalm 23 the Good Shepherd Psalm.

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