Parabolic – The Yeast

The parable of The Yeast is only one verse long, but the point is clear.  How much yeast does it take to work it’s way through… any amount of dough?  There is no limit.  In the parable Jesus talks about a large amount of flour.  The Greek is 3 satas which comes out to 5.8 gallons on flour.  That’s WAY more than I have ever worked with personally.

The Kingdom of Heaven is just like that yeast!  It’s spreads through any amount of people.  That brings us to the next point.  What is the best way to share the gospel?

For twelve years I served the North Atlantic District of the WELS as Evangelism Chairman.  I offered seminars on everything from gathering prospects to using social media effectively for the ministry of the church.  In every case the best method of sharing Jesus was through individual friendships.  That means the best programs that a church can offer are ones that facilitate that friendship evangelism.

For some that means a Vacation Bible School is the way to go.  Other churches use a festival service like Christmas or Easter to reach out with the gospel.  Our church has met success offering simple events every month, a board game event, a taco night, or even a rummage sale.  These smaller events open the door to the community and provide natural situation for friendly conversations.  After a Christian builds the bridge of friendship, Jesus can walk across.  The number of ways that this can happen really is endless!  Any activity can become a ministry of a church.

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