Worship Windows – Conversion

Conversion from unbelief to a life of faith can be difficult to quantify.  Part of the problem is that we can never see the work that God the Holy Spirit does on a heart.  Jesus compares this process to the wind.  You can see the trees blowing in the breeze, but you can’t see the wind working – it’s that way with the Holy Spirit.

If there was one event in the history of the church that a person could point to to showcase the work of the Holy Spirit it would have to be Pentecost.  It’s there that we see the Spirit powerfully at work, not in the tongues of fire or the rushing wind or even in the glossolalia, those are visible signs from God.  But the conversion of three thousand people in one from HEARING the gospel that Peter preached in his sermon is what the Spirit does on a regular basis.  The Spirit still changes hearts by the power of the Word.  He calls, gathers, and enlightens the whole Christian church around the globe.

What is fascinating is how the gospel has spread over the centuries.  AND how there isn’t really anywhere on the planet you can go to escape the reach on the gospel.  While it’s true apostasy (a falling away) can happen anywhere, that doesn’t mean the Spirit hasn’t reserved for himself hearts that believe.  We speak of the marks of the church – that is the gospel in word and sacrament.  Where those are present, so is the church with her believers.  Through the darkest times, Muslim or Mongol occupation, war, even disease, God’s word has taken root in the hearts of men everywhere.

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