Worship Windows – Offering

An offering is an important part of the Christian’s life.  What is that exactly – an offering?  How much is enough?  Aren’t there confusing and contradicting messages from the pages of Scripture?  And finally, isn’t money in the church the most uncomfortable topic anyone can think of?

Let’s break down the very first question – why?  Why would anyone want to give an offering?!  Check out this video on the lamb of God.

When the Christian considers all that God has done for us, he or she must respond.  Said differently, God doesn’t need my offering.  I need to give it to him.  There is something inside of me that must give back to God.  My offering is part of my life of thanksgiving for all that he’s done for me.

Another question might be, “How much?”  Check out this video to help us understand our attitude on what we give to God.

What the video hits so well is that the earth is the Lord’s.  That includes doughnuts, all my possessions, my calendar, my children, yes even my wallet.  Martin Luther joked some 500 years ago that the last part of a Christian to be converted was his wallet.  So how to start?  I tell all new members of our church that if you give nothing to the Lord, you don’t need to jump in with both feet.  Star with 1%.  If you can survive giving 1% back to the Lord after one year prayerfully consider bumping up your offering to 2%.  If you can survive doing that for another year, consider 3%.  If you’re at 3% – congratulations, you’re at the national average.  That doesn’t mean you need to stay there.  My wife an I give 10% of our gifts back to God.  There are some Christians who give more than 10%.  That’s great!  It’s between you and God.

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