Summer Catechism: Third Petition

The third petition is all about God’s will.  There are some who would scratch their head or put their finger in the air to try and figure out God’s will could be.  All the while God has filled the pages of the Bible with his Holy Will.  To be sure the Ten Commandments are a delightful summary of the will of our God, but it doesn’t stop there.  God’s will is that all men and women around the world come to the knowledge that Jesus saves.  If that sounds simple enough, it is… until you try and carry out God’s will.

Dear friends we face a fierce spiritual battle every day from powerful enemies.  The chief of our opposition is none other than Satan himself.  Along with his hoard of demons he tries to thwart God’s will from being accomplished.  The second enemy is everything around us.  Our world is so stained by sin it is truly a veil of tears.  If we simply blame the spiritual forces of evil and the sinful world around us around, we would be missing a powerful enemy.  You’ll get a good look at this enemy if you take a look in the mirror.

Every fiber of our being is stained by sin.  We can’t escape it.  There is a traitor who would betray us the first chance he got!  The situation is dire, but we aren’t alone.  We pray the third petition knowing that God WILL accomplish his will.  He already has secured our forgiveness.  The reason we pray this petition is so that when we see god’s will kept in our lives and the people around us we might remember to thank our God.

Want to hear more… including how God’s will can be accomplished on heaven and earth?  Watch this week’s lesson from our summer series on the Lord’s Prayer – The Third Petition.

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