The Bible – Rach, Shach, and Benny

Rach, Shach, and Benny is a cute, catchy description of the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from Daniel 3.  More commonly known as the three men in the fiery furnace, this story is all about trusting in God even to the point of death.  What is even more striking in the past hundred years is the parallels between government as the source of persecution and this story.

It might seem ridiculous to us that a government entity would demand that we bow before him.  It was common in the past, who’s to say it could never happen again?  There are a few details to this story that I want to zero in on.  First these three Jews would only worship God.  They knew that it would mean an end to their lives.  Most everyone else around them was not Jews.  The pressure to conform must have been terrific for them.  The video does a good job of pointing out that is they went along to get along – to survive, they could do good in the court of the king on behalf of their people.  They would not do it.

The point must not be lost, they would only worship God.  It’s a simple thought, is it not?  God is the most important person, place, or thing in our lives.  While these three men would sacrifice their lives for the sake of their faith, how many of us don’t give up all that we have an are for so much less?  Does the siren song of the American Dream call to do with it’s materialism and wealth?  Does the greased pig of happiness oink in your ear?  Are you simply too busy with all the meaningless trappings of life, when the one thing necessary for eternal life calls your name?  It doesn’t take a fiery furnace to keep us from our Savior, just a well placed temptations.

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