God’s Love

What is God’s love?  Love has launched a thousand ships.  Only fools rush into love.  Is love something that we can fall into and out of, like a swimming pool?  Are cards, candy, and flowers a good expression of love?  There are plenty of misconceptions of love.  I wonder if a person only had modern culture to consult for a paper on, “What Is Love,” if the topic wouldn’t be a shallow as a puddle?  To be sure there would be plenty to do, say, and write, but it would be meaningless.

Part of the problem with modern day love is that it is at its simplest, selfish.  What do you do me me?  How do you make me feel?  Love is all too often about me.  What else could it be about frankly?  Why would we ever make life about someone else.  That selfless concept is what brings to us.

Consider, what is it about us that is lovable to God?  There is nothing about us.  There is no one worthy of God’s love.  God loves us in Jesus because he is gracious.  Now we have a strikingly different picture from chocolate covered fruit.  Sappy love songs hang limp in describing God’s love.  God’s love looks like a manger, a cross, and an empty tomb.

Want to hear more about God’s love?  Is there something so terrible that you could do that God would every want to divorce you?  Watch and find out!

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