The Intersection of Wills

The intersection of wills is where we find ourselves this week.  We are in our third lesson from our series on the Will of God.  Where does God’s will end and my will start?  Is every law passed by our government the will of God? Is it God’s will that I marry my boyfriend? Our church just approved a building process. Is that God’s will?! Christians want to do what God wants, but sometimes we go too far.

The first thing we needs to establish that God knows everything.  He understands everything perfectly.  The jump in logic happens when we say that because God knows all things, then God must WANT all things to happen.  That would put God into a box of our making.  That would also make God the author of evil.

There are a number of different directions that we go, but I want to focus on two words.  Necessity – this had to happen because it was God will.  And…  Contingency – this happened because it happened; it was my idea.

Everything that happens in this world can we broken down into these two categories.  The VAST number of event falls under contingency – this happened because it happened.  However, many people – many Christians – like to lump certain important events under the umbrella of necessity.

Why do you think that is?

There is security in saying this is God’s idea.  If something goes wrong we like to blame someone else!  For example if a marriage comprised of two sinners falls apart, that isn’t God’s will.  God never told you to marry that individual.  God didn’t want you to hurt each other with your sinful lives, but sadly that happens.  It’s not God’s fault that one or both of you didn’t follow his blueprint for marriage.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s lesson from our series, The Will of God: The Intersection of Wills.

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