I AM – The Light of the World

I AM – The Light of the World is the third in our series on the person of Jesus.  The darkness of sin and death melts away when the Light of the World comes into a believing heart.

One new area of this powerful statement from our Lord that I had not picked up on in my previous study is the timing.  Jesus is at the tale end of the Feast Tabernacles.  He’s sparing with the Pharisees who don’t like that he is claiming to be God – equal to the Father.  During the Feast of Tabernacles the Jews lit a very large candelabra (think climbing up a ladder to light the candle).  This was a symbol in memory of how God led the Children of Israel through the wilderness using a pillar of fire.  Just as God lead his people then, Jesus – God – is leading them on that day.  Jesus calls himself the Light of the World.

This is not a reasonable claim.  Normal people do not put themselves on the same level as God, yes claim themselves as an authority after doing so!  That’s crazy – if he were an ordinary man.  But since Jesus is God – he had to say this or else he would be lying.  It is impossible to walk away from the Gospel and think of Jesus as anything less than God in the flesh.

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