My Easter Witness – Family

My Easter Witness – Family closes out our Evangelism series.  We’ve looked at cults, different faiths, and dipped into the currents of our culture, but most of your opportunities for a Christian witness will come in your home.  You see your family almost everyday.  I think we need to include your friends too – the family you get to pick!

So much of the work of witnessing in the family isn’t a one-time carefully crafted speech.  How do you solve arguments with your spouse?  Disciplining children is exhausting.  Are you up for the struggle everyday?  Do you take time during the day to gather your family for regular worship?  Is there a routine at night that includes talking to your Heavenly Father?

No one does this perfectly – least of all your pastor – but faithfully witnessing to your family will bear fruits that will last a lifetime and an eternity.  One common trouble spot is what to do when a schedule or routine is broken?  For example – it’s been two weeks and you have faithfully shared God’s word with your children regularly.  It’s going well!  But then – someone gets sick, you need to go out of town for work, maybe their was a commitment at the kids’ school – the schedule is broken and then for a few days you don’t go back to faithfully sharing God’s word with your family.  This isn’t rocket science, but it can seem crippling.  Go back.  Start over.  Your God is faithful even when we aren’t.  We won’t be perfect, but that doesn’t mean we stop trying.  You – parent – need to start each day under God’s grace knowing that you are forgiven and that he loves you dearly.

Finally – what about friends?  You share everything else with your friends, why would you not share Jesus!?  Don’t worry, your friends will listen to you.  That’s what friends do.  Your witness might change your relationship with them, but that’s well worth the risk.  Think of it this way – how much do you have to dislike someone to NOT share your faith.  That’s the most important part of who you are.

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