I AM – The Gate

I AM – The Gate is our fourth lesson from our series on the person of Jesus.  The Gate is probably one of Jesus’ least known names.  Part of the challenge with this claim is that is comes from John 10 – the chapter on the Good Shepherd.  In fact, next week we will consider Jesus’ claim as the Good Shepherd.

One of the tensions in this section is the difference between Jesus and his enemies, the thieves and robbers.  I think it’s worth considering – how do you know that your pastor is leading you in the way God wants?

  • He has a valid call from our congregation

I like this one.  It’s not easy to be a Wisconsin Synod Pastor.  There are only 1,400 or so people in the world that would be qualified to stand in the pulpits of our church body.  To get to that point a man would need to go through our Bible college and Seminary.  If someone from outside our fellowship wanted to join our ministerium, he would need to go through a colloquy process – a year of study at the seminary.  Even then – this isn’t a guarantee that the pastor is leading you the way God wants.  Every year there are pastor who leave our church body because they aren’t teaching what God says in the Bible – it’s not very many, but it happens.

  • He uses lots of Bible passages

I love Bible passages.  In fast when I speak with Christians outside our fellowship, I encourage them to keep reading the Bible.  God will never steer you wrong in Scripture.  Keep reading.  As for your pastor, even Scripture can be misapplied.

  • I feel growth as a Christian

This is probably my least favorite phrase.  We can feel all kinds of things.  Our feelings can be wrong.  Sometimes the truth can make us feel very uncomfortable.  We need to be confronted by our sin.

  • His preaching and teaching is focused on Christ and his work

I love this!  When I keep the focus on Jesus it’s hard to go wrong.  He is the center of our faith.  When I keep the focus on Jesus, I keep it off of me, off of all the little idols we make for ourselves that can creep into the #1 place in our hearts.  That place is reserved by God for God.  If I keep the focus on Jesus, I am leading you in the way God wants.

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