I AM – The Resurrection and the Life

I AM – The Resurrection and the Life is the next lesson in our series on the person of Jesus.  How can Jesus walk into a funeral confident knowing that death is only a sleep?  Jesus is life.  He is resurrection.  He proved it time and again during his ministry and then when he rose from the death on Easter.

Why oh, why

There are a few things about the resurrection of Lazarus that give us pause.  The first is why did he have to die in the first place!  We know that the wages of sin is death.  I’m sure it was sad when Laz died, but this wasn’t exceptional.  People still die all the time.  Rarely do people rise from the dead.  Yet for the Christian that brutal reality has been turned on its ear.  Because Jesus is the resurrection and the life, life – eternal life – is more certain than death.  There is no guarantee you will die.  What if Jesus ends the world with his Second Coming tomorrow?  You will not die, but you will be changed – in the flash, in the twinkling of an eye – the death will be raised imperishable.

The reason Jesus allowed Laz to enter the sleep of death was because he wanted his disciples, Mary and Martha, and everyone else around there to see how the grave is broken.

Challenge Accepted

There have been some who wanted to challenge God’s authority on the topic.  For some, cremation was an act of defiance.  God just TRY and put my body back together again!  These folks will be shocked on the last day when they face a holy just God – body and soul.

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