Christmas Angelic Announcements – John the Baptist

Christmas Angelic Announcements – John the Baptist is the first in our Advent series on angelic messengers.  You’ve probably gotten a birth announcement in the mail before.  There were important details like the name, date of the birth, weight and length of the bouncing baby.  God does something a little different.  In all of the examples God sends an angel to announce the birth of the child BEFORE the child is born.  No, that’s not normal, but God has a very good reason for doing so.

One of the questions I offered to the congregation in the intro quicky quiz, but didn’t get to in the actual Bible class was – Did Elizabeth do something wrong that God would withhold children?  Was she hiding some sin?  Was there a skeleton in the closet?  The answer is no, but in that culture there was shame in not being able to have a child.  We do not get to assign guilt to someone for their circumstances in life.  There are consequences for sin – like if drive 20 over the speed limit, you might just get a ticket.  You can’t say that guy is hiding greed in his heart – that’s why God has stricken him with cancer.

What can you do?  Pray for the person!  The first thing out of the angels mouth was God has hear – and answered – your prayer!  This was a prayer that had gone on for decades!  It was a prayer Zechariah had said so many times that he couldn’t believe his ears when the angel told him the glorious truth!  Zech, not only are you going to have a baby – your baby will be the herald of God?!  Connect the dots with me.  Who cares that you’re going to have a child!  The Savior of the world is coming!

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s study – the first in our series on the Christmas Angelic Announcements – John the Baptist.

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