Angels and Demons 2 – Ministry

Angels and Demons 2 – Ministry is our second look into the spirit world using God’s word as our guide.  What exactly do angels do all day long?  They look after us.  Primarily we see them delivering messages from God.  In fact the Greek word for angel means messenger.   We have a few prominent examples at the start of the New Testament, but there are plenty of other places in the Bible where angels are active bringing messages to God’s people.

What’s interesting is that God did NOT give the job of carrying the important message of the Gospel to the world.  They long to look into that work.  That evangelism is left to us – God’s church!  In this work angels still help.  The book of Acts has a few examples of angels breaking Apostles out of prison, giving directions to missionaries, and rubbing out godless kings who would get in the way.  Angels are plenty powerful.

No one argues that angels are a great reason to praise God, but are they worthy of our praise?  Should we worship and pray to them?  The answer is a resounding no.  Anytime any angel shows up on the pages of history, people recognize this as a holy, heavenly being and they drop to the ground.  The first thing the angel says to the prostrate person is – GET UP!  What are you doing?!  I am not God.  We have a negative example of Satan actually trying to get Jesus to worship him and Jesus could just tell him off, but as he lived in our place he used Scripture!  Jesus never gave into temptation.  That doesn’t mean the temptations weren’t real.  God tells us, Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s study – the final in our series on the Angels and Demons 2 – Ministry.

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