Angels and Demons 5 – The Occult

Angels and Demons 5 – The Occult is the look into the devil’s playground. Playgrounds seem like a fun place to play. By definition they should be safe, but if you wander into the devil’s playground, all you will find are lies and danger.

The Occult is a wide topic that touches on movies, music, and increasingly video games.  BUT the area that I see as most dangerous is divination.  Seeking to find out what the future will be might seem harmless enough but there are a few problems.

For starters, God doesn’t want us to know what the future holds.  He call on us to trust him.  He is in control of all things.  He doesn’t do this to rob our lives of fun, but to lead us to fully rely on him.  That said, God does know the future.  Our God knows all things!  He has planned out the future for our good.

If we decide that we want to know the future because we either don’t know God or we don’t trust God, that has a few unintended consequences.  For starters, let’s just say you could know the future.  Would you want to?  How does that change how you live.  Would you want to know the day that you would die?  …the day that your spouse would die?  Would that radically change how you live?  Would you be reckless or lazy?  This doesn’t lead us to a good place.  Our life and times are safely laid out by our loving God.

Finally the next problem with divination, or knowing the future is that you can’t figure it out on your own.  So you either need to go to God’s word – he does tell us the future.  1) The world will end.  2) There will be a judgment.  3) If you’re a Christian, you go to heaven!  Easy!  We do not know what the future holds for day-to-day details and events.

If you wanted to find out the day-to-day details (will I get the promotion, will my favorite team win the big game, what will happen with the stock market, etc.) you need to go somewhere other than Scriptures.  The only place you can go is the devil’s playground.  No danger; no fun! (Am I right?!)

WRONG.  This isn’t harmless fun.  This playing with matches 10x.  For starters the devil lies!  Would you want to base your life on a lie?!  I know people do all the time.  For some people believing the lie is easier than dealing with reality.  The devil is evil and only wants to see people suffer.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s study – the final in our series on the Angels and Demons 5 – The Occult.

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