By His Wounds We Are Healed – Job Loses Everything

By His Wounds We Are Healed – Job Loses Everything is the second in our Lent Bible study series.  We are looking at the passions accounts viewed from the Gospel of Matthew and the lessons from the Sundays in Lent.

Job 1 is some of the most terrifying verses in the Bible.  Satan is cruising around and swings into heaven to talk with God.  God SUGGESTS Job to Satan.  WHY would he do that?!  I’m sure if Job was there he would object!  This is where we need to remember that our heavenly Father will only allow trials into our lives that we strengthen us.  This whole Sunday – the second Sunday in Lent – happens under the banner of cross bearing.  God tells us to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow him.

Let’s take the example of the flu.  You’re sick!  You feel like crud.  This is a trial.  You wonder – does God like me anymore?  Why would he allow this to happen to me?

As soon as a trial moves you to question God’s love, we are at cross bearing.  The solution to this situation is threefold.

  1. God can remove the cross from our lives.  This happens – I’m going to say – most of the time.  Temptations come and go as do sicknesses.  Troubles in relationships?  You’re not alone!  When you get the flu – say a prayer thanking God for the flu, he gave it to you to be a blessing.  And then ask him to take it away pronto because it’s miserable!  Most of the time he hears your prayer and rescues you.
  2. God can give us the strength to bear up under the cross.  This is chronic trials.  Addiction, migraines, consequences from abuse and other severe relationship issues.  These won’t go away any time soon.  God has not abandoned you!  He will not give you more than you can handle.
  3. God can remove us from the cross.  Best case scenario is a Christian who has lived a long full life and is now ready to be done with a battle with cancer.  Lord, come quickly and take your servant home.  The struggle with this one is when God acts – in what we think – at a time that seems wrong.  Harrison Vaugh was 24 years old when he died last week.  We rejoice in the victory that Harrison won in Jesus and we mourn with his family and friends who miss him dearly.

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