Angels and Demons 8 – Possession

Angels and Demons 8 – Possession brings to a topic that fascinates American culture. There is a scratching on the walls. Knickknacks, plants fly across the room. The lady in the corner is speaking Latin with an Italian accent, and it’s -15 degrees in the room, but it’s a warm summer day outside. You’re spending some time with a demon AND the poor soul he’s possessed. In this lesson from our series on angels and demons we’ll be looking at all things possession. Does it still happen today? Why don’t we see more of it in our culture?

Demon possession was very common in the ancient world.  It still happens today, but especially in our culture we don’t see it very much.  Why is that?  What would happen to the good folks of Forsyth County if they saw Satan walking down Stratford Rd right past the mall with a pitchfork in hand?  We live in the Bible belt so those folks would go directly to the nearest church!  A far better plan for Satan working in America is to leverage the temptations at hand – money and sex.

If those temptations aren’t working for him?  Remember, if the devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.  Raise your hand if you have “too much on your plate” right now!  (My hand is in the air.)  All of the stuff that we do can be good.  Yes, God pleasing!   BUT if all of those wonderful things that clutter our calendar squeeze out time for our God, we have moved into the area of idolatry.  People, it’s time to repent.

What does all of that have to do with demonic possession?  Since we don’t see it very often in America, we can become desensitized to the dangers of it.  Evil angel are very real.  We dare not play with them.

Want to hear more?  Please watch this week’s study Angels and Demons 8 – Possession.