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God can see everything, including your sins. That's ok. You never need to wonder if he died for your sins.


Which church is our church? This can be more than a little confusing when we look at the religious landscape in America. There are dozens of denominations, and some who refuse a denomination. How can we know which church is the church that God wants us in? Watch and find out.

The Christian in the Church

The Christian church is made up of some of the worst sinners on the planet with checkered pasts and questionable futures, apart from Christ. How can God bring his people together to accomplish anything?! Watch our Bible study on the Christian in the Church.

The Christian in the Community

We live in a godless world that hates our Lord. So what’s the good news? God has placed us there to be his witnesses. There is much more to that. How can we interact and function in a society that is so counter to everything that the Christian stands for? Watch and find out!

Jesus gives us his body and blood in, with, and under the bread and the wine for the forgiveness of sins. Jesus helps us with tough questions on this topic.

Lord’s Supper: Tough Questions

A visitor walks into Star of Jerusalem Lutheran church. It’s a communion Sunday? What should the reaction be? What does God say about being ready to come to his holy supper? Watch or listen to this second lesson to our Bible class series, the Lord’s Supper: Tough Questions.