Protect Possessions

What is the best way to protect your possessions?  If you’re thinking a moat and a castle, you might be going in the right direction.  When JRR Tolkien wrote his series The Lord of the Rings, he included a city-state called Gondor.

The funny thing about this place was that the ruler wasn’t the king.  He was the steward.  The king was gone, but he was coming back.  So instead of allowing someone else to just take the throne, stewards were appointed who would take care of the kingdom while the king was gone.  Jesus talks about something similar in the parable of the talents and minas.

We know from Psalm 24 that the earth is the Lords, and everything in it.  That means your wallet, your calendar, your children, your spouse, and even your body.  EVERYTHING belongs to the Lord.  Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 6, You are not your own, you were bought at a price, there for honor God with your body.

How does that change your view of money and possession.  First of all, if everything belongs to the Lord, then nothing that I call my possessions belongs to me.  That might be self-evident, but it is a radical change in the way we think, isn’t it?  Are we to be hoarding possessions as if that will accomplish anything for ourselves?  Our view changes.  Who is the one who signed your pay check?  It may look alot like your boss’s handwriting, but it was really God who signed it.

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