VIC – Luke 22 – The Lord’s Supper

In Luke 22 we have the Lord’s Supper instituted, but that’s not all.  In this busy chapter we have a number of things covered including Jesus’ trial before the Jewish authorities.

When Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper on the night that he was betrayed, he gave his church the second of two Sacraments. With these means of grace we can comfort the afflicted. I love offering the Lord’s Supper to the members of our church because it is a very personal way – just you and God – that you receive God’s love and forgiveness.  In the words given and shed for you, it is as if you were the only sinner in a world full of perfect people.  Even in that case, Jesus still would’ve died for you.  That’s how great his love is.

That vertical communion between you and God isn’t all that the Lord’s Supper has to offer.  Wait there’s more!  There is also a horizontal communion that you enjoy with every else who comes to the Lord’s table.  That oneness is a powerful reminder of the Christian fellowship we enjoy with each other.  You are not alone.  Of course, God is always with you.  He places us into churches so that we can minister to each other.  That includes the encouragement of prayer and a conversation.  That also means that we have the responsibility to rebuke and correct a fellow believer if we see something.  God has not made us to be private investigators prying into the windows of our fellow believers, but if we see sin, we can’t ignore it.

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