T3 – Talents

T3 – Talents is the second study in our annual stewardship focus.  Last week we looked at how we use our time.  All of these topics can be fleshed out to in depth studies, but it’s worth at least an annual visit.

Value Added

The reason we have value isn’t because we can juggle or do some other skill.  We have value because God gives us value!  Jesus died for our sins.  That make each of us incredibly valuable AND it give our lives purpose and meaning.  In fact, you could say that apart from God, your life doesn’t have meaning.

So what does all of this have to do with our talents?  All of us have talents to use.  The question often comes up – What talents do I have?  Which should I use.  Raising five children it was fun to tell them that there would be skills and activities that they hadn’t tried yet that they would love and excel at.  Think of your life like a present that you slowly get to unwrap!  Each year there is more and more to explore.  Even at the age of 47 I am still finding new ways to use the talents that God has given to me.

A Tale of Three Brothers

When I was younger and people asked me what I wanted to do with my life, I would answer I don’t know what I’m good at, but I know what I like.  Consider my family.  I have two brothers who both went into profession in the IT industry.  Martin went deep into telecommunication with cell phone makers and then carriers, but has retooled into web design.  Phil started working at the phone company doing networking.  He retooled into IT security.  We all shared a love for all things computers growing up.  So why then did I go into the public ministry?  Truth be told, I love all things techy.  If you ask my kids what I do all day long, they would say – he talks on the phone.  A lot of what I do DOES involve talking to people about our Savior.

The Wrong Choice

Before I answer why I went into the public ministry, let me ask you who made the better choice?  Me or my brothers?

The reason I went into the public ministry was because I though that was one way I could use my talents to God’s glory.  The truth of the matter is that there isn’t a perfect career path.  Any honorable profession is God pleasing!  The best jobs aren’t in the church!  God tells people about Jesus through me, but not just me alone.  EVERY Christian carries out the Great Commission in his or her daily life.

Want to hear more about your use of talents?  In Sunday’s Bible study we use an illustration from kids sports!

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