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Sunday Bible Class (Page 2)

Spies Like Us

Even wonder why it took God’s people to make a trip that would normally only take days not years? When God sends in spies to scope out the Promised Land for the invasion, their report might surprise you. Watch and see what they were up against.

Christmas with Luther – Christmas Tree

There are a number of legends that surround the Christmas Tree.  Luther most likely didn’t invent the concept, but the idea of using a tree in the winter during Liturgical Plays was common in Luther’s day. December 24th was the Festival of Adam and Eve.  With most of the population illiterate these festivals and the […]

God will end the world. Are you ready?

The Millennium

When God ends the world, what will happen? The Bible gives us a lot of details. The Bible doesn’t tell us everything, but there is so much misinformation that can be cleared up. This Sunday we’ll wade through the murky waters of eschatology and try and sort out the different teachings that have crept into Christianity. God’s word is clear – watch and see!

The wind blows through the leaves, just like the Spirit goes with the Gospel.


Go into all the world! Oh, is that all… How can such a huge task be accomplished by only Christians? Easy. One soul at a time! That might not seem like the best way to go in a world of social media and the internet, but friendship evangelism is still a powerful method of sharing our Savior.

Our triune God is beyond our understanding.


How can one plus one plus one equal one? Good question. The way that our God describes himself is wonderful and unique. When we consider the triune God in the backdrop of gods around the world the difference is dramatic. This Sunday we look at exactly who our God is and how he is different from the other gods of the world.