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'Lent' Tagged Sermons

Rehabilitation Program

What is the ten step program that we can use to break our addiction to sin? There isn’t one. The addiction that we have goes straight down to our soul. There is no cure. Only Jesus can change us through a heart transplant. It’s a drastic step, but it’s the only one that works! Learn more as we continue our series God’s Courtroom: Rehabilitation Program

Overwhelming Evidence

Overwhelming evidence in a courtroom makes the verdict an easy one to give. The problem is that if you were on the jury or in the judge’s seat, what verdict would you give. The evidence is overwhelming, alright. The problem is that it doesn’t look good for us! Watch to see how God handle the tough case of the human race.

Common Law

There are common ideas that society simply accepts. Some of these views fly in the face of God’s will. This Sunday we looked at a few of the common societal trends in the light of God’s word. We’ll see that the world isn’t really so different from when Jesus walked the earth. Welcome to week three of our series, God’s Courtroom: Common Law.


This Sunday we continue the 40-day journey to the cross that started on Ash Wednesday. Do you trust me? (To the moon and back, right?) You answer, “Maybe, Pastor, but it really depends on what you are doing.” Many of you have known me for more than a decade. I’ll tell you what I’m up to on Sunday morning. A better question is do you trust God? God is worthy of your trust.

Promise of the King

This Sunday we will close out the season of End Times and our sermon series Sundays of Promise.  It is Christ the King Sunday.  No matter who calls the White House home or no matter who leads the nations of the world, Jesus is our King.  On the Last Day every knee will bow before him.