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Sermons on Ephesians

Jesus has ascended into heaven.


How can there be new life if Jesus isn’t with us? The truth is that even though he has ascended into heaven that doesn’t mean that we are left alone. He promised to send us his Spirit and where ever we gather in his name – there he is! He is with us even though he is in heaven.

It is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. We are celebrating by focusing on God's word!

By Grace Alone

By grace I’m saved, grace free and boundless! How great is our God! Yet the concept of grace alone, sounds too good to be true. Our sinful nature tries to sneak in a good work here, a helpful thought there. Where do good works come in? Why was one of the hallmarks of the Reformation – By Grace Alone? Watch and find out!

God’s Gift of Faith

God’s gift of faith is a miracle.  Whether you are washed for the first time in the waters of Baptism or you just received the Lord’s Supper again – so many times you’ve lost count – God promised to increase your faith.  There are people who would do anything to increase their faith, but they can’t.  Faith isn’t something that you can piece together in your heart; it is a gift of the Holy Spirit.  Want to learn more about the source of faith and how you can increase yours?  Join us for worship!

Unwrap all the gifts God has given you this Christmas!

Unwrap the Mystery

Everyone loves a good mystery now and again. When it comes to our God and all the plans that he has for us, those mysteries are like unwrapped presents under the tree in January!  Open them up!  See all that God has in store for you!  By the power of the Spirit we know and believe what God accomplished in Jesus. Watch this week’s sermon to see how we can unwrap the mystery for someone in our lives.