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'Persecution' Tagged Sermons

Martin Luther reformed the Church 500 years ago.

Sola Christus

In Christ alone our hope is found! Everything comes back to Jesus. There are plenty of other people, works, theologies, and gods that others try to tack onto what we believe. As we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation may we always keep the focus on Jesus.

Being a Christian isn't easy, but God will never leave us!

Light a Fire

This Sunday we begin a new sermon series – Weeks of Warning. The Christian’s life will be marked by difficulties. The warnings aren’t meant to scare the faithful away, but so that the believers will be prepared to meet these challenges. Our first sermon will be on Faith’s Fire – God’s word doesn’t always unite. Sometimes it divides.

Good Work

The Apostle Paul takes the temptations of work righteousness head on! He fights false doctrine with the piercing light of the gospel. There is no room for a dark heart where Christ reigns. Paul also redirects our energy to a life of thanks. What is a good work for the Christian? Watch and find out!