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New Life comes from God's Word

New Life from God’s Word

Where can we find new life? Jesus takes time after his resurrection to lead his disciples into his word. He does this because he knows that he is leaving! He does this because his Spirit will use the Word to fan the flame of faith into a blaze! Where can we find new life? It is found in God’s Word – only in Jesus name.

It is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. We are celebrating by focusing on God's word!

Sola Scriptura

If you wanted to find out information about God, where could you go? Are there secrets hidden at the bottom of the ocean? Maybe if you climbed the tallest mountain, everything would be revealed to you? Which faith of all the world religions has the truth? This Sunday we’ll go to Scripture alone to find the answer.

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.

Which Church

Why are there so many churches?!  How is it helpful when I drive down the road and see Christian churches of every stripe?  Wouldn’t it be easier if there was just one church?  Maybe.  As we continue our study of Christian doctrine in celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation of the Christian church, we’ll see that sometimes Christians need to “mark and avoid”.  Our God calls us to be choosy on theology and witness our faith to all, including fellow Christians.  How can we wade through these murky ecclesiastical waters?  Watch to find out.

Let us not give up meeting together.

The Christian Congregation

Where ever two or three are gathered in his name, there he is with them. With these and other words we have a basic definition of the church. It is a gathering of believers around Jesus and his word. What exactly does that group look like and what should they be doing? Watch this morning and find out!

A Righteousness apart from the Law has been revealed.

Promise of Truth

This Sunday we celebrate the 499th anniversary of the Reformation of the Christian Church. This Sunday ushers in a new season of the church year – End Time. We also begin a new sermon series – Sundays of Promise. Our first sermon is the Promise of Truth. As the Last Day draws closer we have nothing to fear because we are set free from sin by God’s truth of forgiveness in Jesus.

Moses offers four sermons that restate God's Law and Gospel promises.

Delight Again

The events of the week have given emphasis to our theme this Sunday. There are many questions as the why of hatred and murder. There are few satisfying answers. Our God redirects us to his love. It is that love alone that can transform a heart from death to life, from anger to peace, hatred to hope.

Jeremiah is call the weeping prophet because he had to watch God's people be destroyed.

Sinking Feeling

What was the lowest point in your life? For Jeremiah you might think that it was being thrown into a cistern (big hole for water storage). It’s hard to imagine, but things got even worse. Watch how Jeremiah responded on his bad days and consider how we can respond as well. Even in the low points of life as we bear our crosses, God is still with us.

These words are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. The gift of God to the world is Jesus. Many miracles are recorded in the gospel of John.

Plenty to Eat

When Jesus fed the 5000, he was teaching his disciples and us to despair of ourselves for our daily needs and look to God. God normally will use natural means to provide for us, but remembering where our blessings come from affords us the chance to give God the thanks he deserves.