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Sermons on Mark

Transfigure Your Love

Can you imagine God in all his glory? I was recently blinded by the sun while driving and didn’t enjoy it. Blinding light is painful. Why do we need to see Jesus in all his glory a few days before Lent? Because spending time focusing on our sin can be a dark experience. Can our God handle the worst we can throw at him? Watch to find out!

Deadliest Catch

John was in jail. The one that John endorsed might suffer a similar fate. The disciples whom Jesus calls in the Gospel of Mark were John’s disciples first! And look at these men, humanly speaking, Jesus could have picked better candidates to start a church that would take his message of love to the whole world. The call into the Gospel ministry is a fascinating look at grace. That grace is for you too. Join us as we see the hidden glory of God in his divine call.

Jesus has authority over sickness, Satan, and sin.

One in Christ – Finances

Unfettered arrogance is a sight to see. It can be difficult to look away watching someone so overconfident that his fall isn’t a matter of if but of when. Jesus loved the Rich Young Ruler knowing that his words would have to cut before this proud soul could be healed. Might Jesus words ever apply to us?

Jesus has authority over sickness, Satan, and sin.

Palm Sunday Details

Jesus is our king. Palm Sunday is the one time in Jesus ministry when he let’s the people acknowledge his royalty. He is a king like no other, in control of everything. That doesn’t mean he ignores the small things in life. He has the very hairs on your head numbered. Hosanna to our King!

Gospel of Mark

Public Endorsement

Public endorsements are a big deal these days.  To have a sports figure or popular actress can make the difference in selling a product.  In our text we hear the public endorsement of Jesus from John the Baptist, the Holy Trinity, and maybe even you.  Watch and see why Jesus’ baptism is important for you!  What […]