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Sermons on Luke

Make Bail

When we walk into God’s court room, how much does it take to walk away free?  No amount of money can pay for our spiritual freedom, of course.  What lies do we tell ourselves to walk away?  In our parable there is a Pharisee and a tax collector.  You’ll hear in the sermon the modern equivalent of the two parties involved.  

Peace with Mary

There are plenty of scary events that come into our lives. Mary the mother of Jesus knows the feeling too. Not only was she terrified at the sight of an angel, the news the angel gave her would change her life forever. This Advent season God doesn’t want us quaking in our boots. He comes as the prince of peace for our lives. Want to find that peace? Watch!

Let us not give up meeting together.

The Christian Congregation

Where ever two or three are gathered in his name, there he is with them. With these and other words we have a basic definition of the church. It is a gathering of believers around Jesus and his word. What exactly does that group look like and what should they be doing? Watch this morning and find out!

Lost on your Easter journey? Let the Emmaus disciples introduce you to Jesus!

Lost on Your Easter Journey

I think there are a few people in life who know exactly where they are, but at the same time, they are completely lost. Does this sound like you? This Sunday we’ll talk with two disciples who didn’t understand Easter. They knew the facts, but they couldn’t put it all together. Lost on your Easter Journey? Let Jesus show you the way!

Promise of the King

This Sunday we will close out the season of End Times and our sermon series Sundays of Promise.  It is Christ the King Sunday.  No matter who calls the White House home or no matter who leads the nations of the world, Jesus is our King.  On the Last Day every knee will bow before him.  

The Book of Luke. There was an excitement among the crowds that watched Jesus carry out his ministry. Jesus went to church; join us this Sunday at Star of Bethlehem. The glory of the Lord is revealed in Jesus.

Seeking Mercy

Have you ever felt like there aren’t enough commandments? Do you ever feel like you’re walking around with a giant gold star on your back because God just can’t get enough of you?! Well then I have the sermon for you! In this Seeking Mercy Sunday we’re going to explore the love of God for people who don’t think they need it.