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'Christmas' Tagged Sermons

700 years before Jesus walked the earth Isaiah saw Jesus' ministry and work of saving the world. The darkness of sins doesn't stand a chance in the light of the Christ child. God did what no one could.

Joy to the World

There is plenty of war between a Holy God and sinful man. Consider what the prophet Isaiah has to say. He speaks of Jesus coming like it’s a done deal 700 years before he was born. Jesus has mopped up the fighting and is ruling on David’s throne forever! Watch this Christmas Eve sermon and see how Jesus brings the joy!

Be faithful unto the point of death and I will give you a crown of life.

God’s Christmas Card

The Christmas card that God paints for us in Revelation 12 is a little different than what we’re used to, but it’s worth a look. We see a woman, a dragon, and a child. We’ll see the dangers of our Old Evil Foe, and God’s plan to rescue us and his son from his clutches. Christmas was a daring move by our God to save the world that was lost in sin. That story – that picture – in God’s Christmas card is one you have to see and hear!

Washed Clean

It’s Advent Season! That means a new church year. The four Sundays in Advent are more than just the time before Christmas. The season is one of preparation. Just as you prepare your house with a tree and lights so also prepare you hearts.