Sleep in Jesus

“Jerusalem the Golden – with milk and honey blessed!” Feeling weary and oppressed? Can we ever comprehend what joys await us beyond the pearly gates? This Sunday – Saints Triumphant Sunday – we take time to ponder all that is heaven. In our message we’ll find that death means you’re only asleep in Jesus.

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Paradise Restored

It doesn’t take very long before we get tired. We are tired physically, running ragged on our frantic American rat race to nowhere. We are tired emotionally. This is especially dangerous because too many of us go looking for rest in physically harmful ways – like drugs or alcohol. Finally, we as a nation are spiritually exhausted because precious few know that Jesus is the only place to find rest for our weary souls.

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Church Triumphant

What does the church look like? You might be thinking it’s a little underwhelming in this world. Splintered and limping, the Christ’s church on earth doesn’t have the outward glory pictured in heaven. God’s glory is there! St. John’s Revelation helps us see it!

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Praise the Lamb

What a song!  The picture in Revelation has everything except the tune.  The majesty and the glory of our God on full display is a powerful vision of comfort.  To God’s timeless view of the world, this is a done deal.  To our limited view of life in time, we have a way to go.  God won’t leave us.  This Sunday we offer comfort using a view from heaven.

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Imagine Your Home

I can only imagine how wonderful it will be. We get to stand before our God in all his glory. No more cancer. No more addiction. On Saints Triumphant Sunday we’ll look at heaven and what it will be like.

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Promise of the Resurrection

There are few sights more exhilarating than looking over the peak of a mountain. I suppose some of what make the sight so wonderful is how difficult it can be to climb the mountain in the first place, but even if you are sitting in the comfort of your living room watching the experience in HD, it’s still pretty cool. As you look over the peaks and valleys it’s impossible to see everything in between and difficult to gauge the distance in what you see.

When the prophet Isaiah recorded the picture of heaven and the New Testament church, I can only imagine his excitement. We speak of prophetic perspective when a prophet is given a vision that spans, in some cases, thousands of years. It might bother us to hear about infants dying nestled right next to the heavenly mansion where there is no death, but the prophet just records his vision of the future.

All we know is the suffering of this veil of tears, at least the 2016 version. Every age has had its own struggles. That is why we need to see heaven and the peace that is waiting for us. We continue our End Times sermon series Sundays of Promise under the theme: The Promise of Resurrection.

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