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Sermons on Acts

New Life comes from God's Word

New Life from God’s Word

Where can we find new life? Jesus takes time after his resurrection to lead his disciples into his word. He does this because he knows that he is leaving! He does this because his Spirit will use the Word to fan the flame of faith into a blaze! Where can we find new life? It is found in God’s Word – only in Jesus name.

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.


Should I say anything? Won’t they just think that I’m weird? They don’t want me getting into their personal lives, do they? Oh, so many questions. All of these are cleared up with a couple simple commands from our Lord. Go! and Tell!

The Acts of the Apostles details the work of the early Christian church.

Alive, No Doubt About It

April 13th is the day we celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. While the founding father of our nation loved books of all kinds, you might be surprised to see what he did to the Bible. What was it about the resurrection that caused such a strong reaction from Thomas Jefferson, Greeks, Romans, and even one of Jesus’ own disciples?! Nothing can change the truth that Jesus is alive, no doubt about it.