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'Holy Spirit' Tagged Sermons

Old Made New

What do the sound of a freight train rushing past and little tongues of fire have in common? They are both signs of the Holy Spirit’s coming on Pentecost. Jesus instructed his disciples to stay in Jerusalem until they were clothed with power. He didn’t disappoint. The power of the Holy Spirit is still at our disposal, but that doesn’t mean it will be through visible signs. The Spirit powerfully changes hearts through his word even today.

God’s Gift of Faith

God’s gift of faith is a miracle.  Whether you are washed for the first time in the waters of Baptism or you just received the Lord’s Supper again – so many times you’ve lost count – God promised to increase your faith.  There are people who would do anything to increase their faith, but they can’t.  Faith isn’t something that you can piece together in your heart; it is a gift of the Holy Spirit.  Want to learn more about the source of faith and how you can increase yours?  Join us for worship!

These words are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. The gift of God to the world is Jesus. Many miracles are recorded in the gospel of John.

Dry Those Tears

How great would it be if Jesus was walking around today? Would we vote for him as President? Would he help the medical field with his miracles? How many hungry people could be fed by his power? These questions are fun to consider, but they betray the reason Jesus had to leave. It has to do with the Holy Spirit.

The prophet Ezekiel offer hope to the Jews living in exile.

Really Living

Really living implies that you’re missing something. Pentecost is when we remember that we have everything we need as Christians – the Holy Spirit. Spiritual death means that we can be climbing a mountain or sailing around the world, but we’re still dead before God. Really living means living according to God’s will, not ours.