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'Trinity' Tagged Sermons

Welcome to the church picnic!

The Trinity

What goes great with burgers and dogs over a park BBQ pit? A study of the Trinity, of course. We continued our celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation of the church with a study of the Trinity. Our sermon at this year’s church picnic looked at how we became part of God’s family.

These words are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. The gift of God to the world is Jesus. Many miracles are recorded in the gospel of John.

Dry Those Tears

How great would it be if Jesus was walking around today? Would we vote for him as President? Would he help the medical field with his miracles? How many hungry people could be fed by his power? These questions are fun to consider, but they betray the reason Jesus had to leave. It has to do with the Holy Spirit.

Gospel of Mark

Public Endorsement

Public endorsements are a big deal these days.  To have a sports figure or popular actress can make the difference in selling a product.  In our text we hear the public endorsement of Jesus from John the Baptist, the Holy Trinity, and maybe even you.  Watch and see why Jesus’ baptism is important for you!  What […]