Start a New Way of Living! God Loves You!

'Paul' Tagged Sermons

Don't go back to the Old Testament Laws! Jesus fulfilled the Law for us!

School Is Out

How did you do in school? Were you a straight A student? If the Old Testament Law of Moses could give out grades to the world, every one would fail! Why then would anyone want to go back to school after Jesus has freed us from the Law?! By faith in Jesus we are perfect and forgiven.

The Book of Romans, God loves us. Love Like This!

Love Like This

The Gospel appointed for the first Sunday in Lent is always about temptation. Specifically the temptation of our Lord Jesus. This Sunday is also Valentine’s Day. We will look at the Epistle lesson, Paul’s letter to the Romans where he explains matters of the hear from a different angle than you might find at a Hallmark store. This Lent, walk this way: love like this. Love like God.

In Jesus we won't miss out on the Last Day.

Missing Out

When I was growing up – oh, who am I kidding – still today, I don’t like taking naps. What if I miss something? There might be some fun to be had, some game to play if I take a nap? Who wants to sleep his life away?! I know that I might be in the minority on my nap philosophy, but what about death? Of all the reasons to fear death is “missing out” one of them for you? It was for the fledgling congregation in Thessalonica. Watch “Missing Out” to learn more about the Last Day.

The Acts of the Apostles details the work of the early Christian church.

Alive, No Doubt About It

April 13th is the day we celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. While the founding father of our nation loved books of all kinds, you might be surprised to see what he did to the Bible. What was it about the resurrection that caused such a strong reaction from Thomas Jefferson, Greeks, Romans, and even one of Jesus’ own disciples?! Nothing can change the truth that Jesus is alive, no doubt about it.