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The Book of Luke. There was an excitement among the crowds that watched Jesus carry out his ministry. Jesus went to church; join us this Sunday at Star of Bethlehem. The glory of the Lord is revealed in Jesus.

Teach Me How To Pray

Communication is vital these days. It can end conflicts even before they begin. Communiation is a skill that is becoming rarer these days. This is ironic since in 2016 there are so many ways to communicate. Communicating with our God is no less vital. In prayer we talk to God. To hear his response to go into his word.

God extends a call to Elisha through Elijah

Temple of God

One might think that King Solomon would ask God for protection after completely his golden temple for the Lord. Instead, he asks that everyone see it! And when they do, that God would hear their prayer! Today we are God’s temple, and through us God still does his work of evangelism.