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Sermons on Hebrews

Is the ice safe? Is it safe to trust? It is safe to trust God.

Sola Fide

This Sunday we continue with our series on the Solas of the Reformation. Sola Fide means by faith alone. What does it mean to trust in something or on this Sunday someone as important as our God? Even that trust isn’t something that we can muster in ourselves. It is a gift of God’s Spirit.

God created the heavens and the earth.

Creation and Preservation

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. With these simple words God describes his magnificent work creating the world that we live in. He elaborates in the next few chapters in Genesis. This Sunday we will explore creation and see what God has to say about the different theories that exist about the origins of the planet. Join us!

Let marriage be honored by all.

Honored By All

God created the family when he brought Adam and Eve together in marriage. Countless families have been created since the beginning of the world. Sin has ravaged the family sadly. Divorce is a scourge on our nation and the church. What is God’s plan for our homes? Watch today and find out!

Being a Christian isn't easy, but God will never leave us!

Wrong Mountain

God never intended his people to stay at Mt. Sinai. Moses was trembling with fear at the sight. There is nothing wrong with going to hear God’s law, but the final destination is Mt. Zion. We are there because of what Jesus has done. Don’t choose the wrong mountain.