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'Cross Bearing' Tagged Sermons

New Life Everyday

New life changes every aspect of life. That goes for the death, disease, and other life changing events. New life doesn’t stop there. The trickle down of new life goes into the ups and downs of our everyday life. When this fundamental change is understood the results are dramatic. Watch to find out how you can have new life everyday.

Overwhelming Evidence

Overwhelming evidence in a courtroom makes the verdict an easy one to give. The problem is that if you were on the jury or in the judge’s seat, what verdict would you give. The evidence is overwhelming, alright. The problem is that it doesn’t look good for us! Watch to see how God handle the tough case of the human race.

Lost on your Easter journey? Let the Emmaus disciples introduce you to Jesus!

Lost on Your Easter Journey

I think there are a few people in life who know exactly where they are, but at the same time, they are completely lost. Does this sound like you? This Sunday we’ll talk with two disciples who didn’t understand Easter. They knew the facts, but they couldn’t put it all together. Lost on your Easter Journey? Let Jesus show you the way!

Jeremiah is call the weeping prophet because he had to watch God's people be destroyed.

Sinking Feeling

What was the lowest point in your life? For Jeremiah you might think that it was being thrown into a cistern (big hole for water storage). It’s hard to imagine, but things got even worse. Watch how Jeremiah responded on his bad days and consider how we can respond as well. Even in the low points of life as we bear our crosses, God is still with us.