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Sermons on 1 Corinthians

Common Law

There are common ideas that society simply accepts. Some of these views fly in the face of God’s will. This Sunday we looked at a few of the common societal trends in the light of God’s word. We’ll see that the world isn’t really so different from when Jesus walked the earth. Welcome to week three of our series, God’s Courtroom: Common Law.

What Would Jesus Eat?

How should I follow? There are so many variables… Should I eat everything creation has to offer? …or are there items that should never touch my plate? play sports or not, work or not, get married or not, if you are married – when and how many children to have, dance or not, drink a beer or a glass of wine or not, watch movies or not, gamble or not, and there, are of course, more. This Sunday we close out series on the call of our God with a look at how God wants us to follow him.

Look away from the terrible things that sin does. Look to your savior, Jesus!

Boast This Way

If we can’t be completely sure what is good for our bodies, how can we be certain of what is good for our souls? What can we boast in? It’s not our perfection. See what is worth boasting about in or latest sermon from our Lenten series Walk This Way: Boast Like This.

Look away from the terrible things that sin does. Look to your savior, Jesus!

Look Away

We don’t walk through life on egg shells, fearful that we’ll offend our Holy God. In peace with Jesus we walk with eyes wide open, not only on guard against temptation, but also looking for ways to give our gracious God thanks and praise. What will future generations think of us when they look at our lives in the pages of history? Look away from temptation. Never look away from your gracious God!


Jesus is the King of the Universe! Yet there are many who question areas of his reign. Did he forget a few things? What about a kingdom? Christianity – the church – seems so fractured. It’s anything but a united kingdom. Some even question his physical resurrection. They say, “He’s with us in spirit.” There […]