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'Moses' Tagged Sermons

Being a Christian isn't easy, but God will never leave us!

Wrong Mountain

God never intended his people to stay at Mt. Sinai. Moses was trembling with fear at the sight. There is nothing wrong with going to hear God’s law, but the final destination is Mt. Zion. We are there because of what Jesus has done. Don’t choose the wrong mountain.

Moses offers four sermons that restate God's Law and Gospel promises.

Delight Again

The events of the week have given emphasis to our theme this Sunday. There are many questions as the why of hatred and murder. There are few satisfying answers. Our God redirects us to his love. It is that love alone that can transform a heart from death to life, from anger to peace, hatred to hope.

These words are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. The gift of God to the world is Jesus. Many miracles are recorded in the gospel of John.

Bread of Life For You

When the crowds showed up looking for Jesus, they didn’t care that he offered forgiveness for their sins. They didn’t care that the door of heaven was open. All they cared about was another free meal. May we always see Jesus as the Bread of Life for our souls.

Moses offers four sermons that restate God's Law and Gospel promises.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Moses’ final four sermons contained in Deuteronomy contain harsh warnings for anyone that changes God’s word. The stakes were high. The Savior of the world was to come to these Israelites. Sometimes when people hear God’s word, all that is heard is God’s threats of the Law. It doesn’t matter what it said. Sinful man can’t stand before a holy God. This is why we so desperately need Jesus. Hear Jesus and live!