A Greater Type of King

A greater type of king is what we need!  This is the last of our Greatest Needs series during the season on Lent.  A king, you might ask?  Yes, you need a king. Pick any head of state: the president, a prime minister, a king. Hopefully, they care about the people over whom they have authority. But even if they care, they live and operate above the people. There’s nothing wrong with this. Those offices are worthy of high respect. These rulers don’t personally take care of your needs.  Your governor doesn’t even know your name! But, cut him some slack. He is only human.

Jesus is not. Jesus is the King of kings, God and man in one person. He knows you intimately. King Jesus has come to save.  So why isn’t this a slam dunk for people?  The world is looking for all the wrong things!

Friends, when you look back into the rear view mirror of life and see the consequences of your actions following you, when you see the wrath of God like the flashing red and blue lights chasing you, what kind of King do you look for? One who will save you from your problems or pain? One who will save you from trouble or hardship? Well, thank God you that you don’t have that kind of King. You have one that wins the battle for you in a surprising way. He still doesn’t mount warhorses or chariots. He doesn’t make you win the lotto every time. He doesn’t end all opposition for you. And he doesn’t take away your every pain.

But in a great battle, he made a sacrifice that looked like it spelled his defeat. Gentle and humble, he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey that he might ride to his death. Palm Sunday was Jesus’ death march. But he did it for you so he could take away your sin. On the cross, as he filled your shoes when the wrath of God poured out against every sin, he rescued you! He rescued you from hell!

And so, now, no matter what satan and your fellow sinners throw your way, no matter what mistakes you’ve made, no matter what problems you face, you can still rejoice! Because your sins are forgiven! Heaven is yours!

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s message taken from Zechariah 9 – A Greater Type of King.