A Savior for All Nations

A savior for all nations?  Yes, it’s true!  The wise men were excited!  The Bible expresses this. When they saw the star, they were overjoyed.  Look!  The star!  As stars shine brightest against a black sky, so we experience the greatest joy against the sorrow that may come in our lives.

But before we give the star too much credit, remember why the wise men had to stop.  They were so close to their goal of the new born king, but then the star vanished.  God could’ve led the wise men straight to the house by the light of the star, but he didn’t.  The wise men had to go to God’s Word for help.  Without the passage from the prophet Micah the Jew wouldn’t have known the answer either.  God will most likely not give you a sign.  He could easily place a star in the heavens that would lead you to the door of the church, but he will probably lead you into his Word.

In fact rather than placing a star to guide you, it’s very possible he would remove all the stars from your sky so that you don’t know what to do or where to go.  You may be completely lost.  Then just like the Magi you will be forced to go to the Bible for direction.  Listen to what you’ll find.

We’ve spoken of some of the letdown that comes every New Year.  The emotional high of family and friends is replaced by everyday life.  The spiritual high of Christmas can be replaced by everyday sin and its consequences.  Come regularly to Jesus’ house to worship.  Be led by your Savior this year.  Seek the mercy seat.  Go to God for forgiveness found in his Word.  Go to God for forgiveness found in the sacrament of the altar.  Go to a fellow Christian to confess a sin and then hear the forgiveness pronounced as if it was Jesus standing before you.

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