A Savior for Christmas

A Savior for Christmas!  That’s not what was under my tree, but I did receive a Savior for Christmas. I love hearing what other people got for Christmas.  For example I know someone who got a gift of coal for Christmas.  That sounds like a different and unique gift.  The Apostle John in our text this morning is talking about what God gave the world for Christmas.  Of course on Christmas we celebrate the gift of the baby Jesus, but John goes into a little more detail.  This morning even though God’s gifts in our text are for all people let’s ask the question, “John, what did you get for Christmas?”  We’ll see that John received a deluxe camping set, the gift that keeps on giving, and a picture.

I mentioned that some see pets as the gift that keeps on giving.  While we’re on the topic of water I was watching a TV documentary about a young man who dives for exotic fish for aquariums.  He said that one of the most popular aquarium fish today is the shark.  He explained that if you catch a small shark and confine it, it will remain a size proportionate to the aquarium it inhabits.  Sharks can be six inches long, yet be fully matured.  .Turns out after a quick search – this is an urban legend for sharks – but it’s a great illustration for Christians.  I’ve met some of the cutest little six-inch Christians, content to swim around in their little spiritual puddles.  They may regularly attend church, but they are content to remain spiritual dwarfs.

If a child ceased to develop, a parent would be concerned.  Right?  Doctors would be called.  Tests would be run.  When a child stops growing, something is wrong.  In the same way when a child of God stops growing spiritually, something is wrong.  God wants Christians to grow.  Maturing in faith in a must.

If any of us are examples Christians with stunted spiritual growth it’s not because there’s something wrong with God’s Christmas gift to us.  John writes, For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.  John wrote to Jews who were content to be Jews.  Just stay with the ceremonies and Laws that were designed to highlight Jesus Christ.  God showers us with his grace and truth.  The gift keeps on giving and giving.  That’s the power of a Savior for Christmas.

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