Above All Things

Above all things seems like a tall order doesn’t it?  Not for the Extraordinary Ordinary Christian!

Today we are starting a new sermon series, The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of a Christian.  I’m not sure if it’s part of our culture or maybe it’s just human nature and ambition, but there is a lot of pressure to be amazing!  Extra-ordinary, not normal.  When we watch the Olympics, don’t show me human interest stories, I want to see that medal count!  All of us can see that this is a problem.  Let me test it one more time – what would you think if I told you that the #1 ranked country in the world is… Switzerland.  Don’t take my word for it!  Check it out HERE.

The point is that this spills over into our Christianity.  Do you ever feel pressure to be the BEST Christian ever!  In the Extraordinary Ordinary Life of a Christian we’ll challenge that notion.  God knows that we’re not the best.  Technically there is only one who fits that superlative – and so what if they do!  Being the best at anything won’t get you closer to heaven’s door.  Today we’ll talk about this very ordinary quality of a Christian: The Christian Loves God Above All Things.

I have to ask you, how many of you have the perfect family?  I know that there is some pressure to show that side of Christianity, but it’s not real.  You might be relieved to know that every family – I mean EVERY family in this church has something “wrong” with it.  Just like churches – families are made up of sinful people, just like your pastor.  There is a good chance that there will be strife of some kind.  Expand this beyond the kingdom of God and this reality hits very hard.  If you bring the sword of the Spirit into a home – that is God’s word according to the letter to the Hebrews – the results might not be positive.

Want to hear more, including how God helps us bear our crosses?  Watch this weeks message taken from Matthew 10.


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