Do You Hear What I Hear

Do you hear what I hear when you listen to the first three verses of Luke 1?  Caesar Augustus, Quirinius, census, and registration?!  I wasn’t in for the civics lesson, but for me and many other children at my Lutheran Elementary School I was forced to memorize words that didn’t see to have anything to do with Christmas.

Christmas can be a mystery to so many.  If you watch TV or surf the web there is very little in the media that would lead you to the manger to see the true meaning of Christmas.  But there we are.  The “true meaning” of Christmas.  It’s Christmas and what is it that you love?  Is it the feeling that you get?  I’m not against feelings and emotions, but they can be wrong.  Emotions lie all the time!  When I get angry at the guy who cut me off, I don’t have license to rage on the road any more than I do to my wife or my children when I get angry.  (I think it is a lie of the devil that other people make us mad, as if we are blown by the winds of emotion uncontrollably.)

The feeling of Christmas is wonderful, but there is an obvious disconnect between what I should feel and what I do feel.  I’m hear to tell that the God who rent the heavens to send his son knows this.  The difference between our sad sinful reality and the perfect image of our God can only be bridged in Jesus.  That means you cannot decorate your tree, drink enough egg nog, or listen to enough Christmas music to bring you closer to God.  Only Jesus can do that.  That is why the children brought us to Bethlehem on Sunday.  Would you like to hear more?  You have options.

  1. Watch the Sunday School Christmas Program.  The Sunday School Kids do a masterful job communicating God’s love in the Christmas Gospel.  The message is for you.
  2. Watch my message from embedded below.  I take you to the very words of Mary.  Her witness is powerful.
  3. Come back on Christmas Eve for our Candlelight Service.  You may watch us online or visit us in person.  We would love to have you as our guest this Christmas.

I think that when you take a minute to listen to God you’ll see that his love for you is true meaning of Christmas.