Evil Is Crushed

Evil is crushed by our God.  That’s a true statement, but how you ask?  First we should consider what evil truly is.

In our Luke 8 text we find that he has a name in verse 30. Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” “Legion,” he replied, because many demons had gone into him.  What is evil?  Is it something that you see on the news from around the world.  Is it a cloud that follows you around when you have a bad day?  Here in Luke 8 we see that the question needs to be WHO is evil.  Evil is personal, dangerous, and he hates you. The primary authority on how demons roll is the Bible.  Unfortunately it appears that there are more than a one in this poor man.  A legion at this time in history was just shy of six thousand Roman soldiers.  And here is another example that hell is real and the demons are not there – not yet.  On the Last Day when every knee will bow in heaven and earth and under the earth.  The knees of not just mankind, but every spiritual being, every angel and demon will bend their knee before Jesus.

2000 Demons is a book on Mark’s account of Demoniac by Professor Sorum.  He describes Jesus’ infinite power over evil.

Understand Christianity is a helpful website produced by our church body that has many maps and timelines that bring Scripture to life.  They will help you understand Christianity.

To hear more about how Jesus is more powerful than the devil and his demons watch this week’s message taken from Luke 8 – Evil is Crushed Through the Word.