Go for a Walk

All you can do is go for a walk?  There are no sporting events.  The monkey bars are closed at every park.  I suppose you could go for a run, if that’s more your speed.  But I think the majority of us are walking.  No one asks why, do they?  This is quickly becoming the new normal for people.

The two disciples from Luke 24 walking seven miles home to their village of Emmaus were facing a new normal too.  It was the evening of the first day of the week.  This was Easter Sunday.  Walking wasn’t new or novel – it’s what everyone did.  The problem was the topic of conversation.  They thought Jesus was the one who was going to come and redeem Israel, but it didn’t happen.  Not like they had envisioned it.  Then as they were leaving Jerusalem another traveler on the road to Emmaus inquired of their conversation.  He asked what the problem was!  This was Jesus but they didn’t know it was him.  He had a good reason to hide his identity.  They didn’t understand his purpose for coming into the world.  Before Jesus revealed himself, he took the two on a detour.  He stayed on the path to Emmaus, but walked them back into the Scriptures and from start to finish showing them what had to happen to the Christ, the Lord’s anointed.  Jesus had to die that we might live.  The punishment that brought us peace was upon him.  By his wounds we were healed.

Watching the news is frustrating lately.  This video seems to summarize every contradicting heading from the past month.  Don’t go out – unless, of course, you have to.  All store should be closed – unless they need to be open.  Avoid the frustration and go for a walk with Jesus.  In fact share him with a friend who might be afraid right now.  The peace of the empty tomb trumps every fear and tackled every frustration.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s message taken from Luke 24:  What do you do when all you can do is go for a walk?