God Bless You

God bless you!  If you just sneezed this is a polite phrase you might hear from a passer by.  What is the purpose of God’s blessing in out lives?  God wanted his people to bear his name and to know that he was with them.  God’s blessing isn’t a pious wish, but a powerful reminder that our God is with us and watching over us.  On this Trinity Sunday our study of the Aaronic blessing from Numbers 6 spills over into the topic of the Trinity.

There are plenty of things that don’t add up.  I think all of us have heard about creative accounting practices over the years.  There are some who would accuse our Triune God of something similar.  How does the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – the three persons of our God – add up to one God?  I don’t know.  This doesn’t really bother me because there are plenty of things about my God that I don’t understand.  The first and most important quality being his mercy.  Why would God ever love a sinner like me?  When it comes to the grace of God, the fact that God is triune – three-in-one, or any of the other things that I don’t understand, I am thankful that God simply calls on me to trust him, to take him at his word.

Over the history of the church confessions of faith have served to offer clarity and summary of what we believe.  Rooted in Scripture the three historical creeds are a reflection of what we believe.  The Athanasian creed is a little longer than the Apostle’s Creed and the Nicene Creed, but it was written to combat heresies concerning the trinity.  In its great redundancy it clearly separates cults like Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses from the true Christian faith.

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