Golfing with Jesus

We’re going to go golfing with Jesus, but first I want to introduce you to Austin.  Two days ago, young Austin, here pictured with his dad, Brandt Snedeker (a PGA pro), hit his first hole-in-one at the tender age of seven.  I was talking about a hole-in-one actually while on my second hole,” Austin said. “I hit the ball really good on my second hole and I was like, it’d be really cool if I hit a hole-in-one.  The odds of hitting a hole in one for those of us who don’t play the sport professionally are 40,000 to one.

Let’s go golfing with Jesus for a moment.  For you to make it to heaven God demands that you hit a hole-in-one every time you step up to the tee.  Let’s say yours truly was a 12 handicapper.  That means that Tiger Woods and I could have a competitive match if Tiger spotted me 12 strokes.  How many strokes would God have to spot you for you to golf with Jesus?  That’s a pretty big number that grows bigger every day doesn’t it.  God the Father demands perfection from his children on earth and we deliver worm burners, sand shots, balls plunking in the water hazards.  Oh, and God doesn’t allow mulligans, no free shots.  One missed shot ten, twenty, however many years ago means that you get kicked off the course with no chance to go into the heaven club house for drinks and air conditioning.  I think the picture is clear – God demands perfection.  That’s impossible, you say?  No, it’s just impossible for you.  Jesus golfed a perfect round; what’s wrong with you?  You’re a sinner, and so am I.  We’re lousy golfers according to God.  The trouble is that we would rather die than admit we’re lousy golfers.  If it weren’t for the counselor who has convinced us and will convince the rest of the world, we would be in denial and would refuse to believe in Jesus.  The first part of our message from John 16 is the Counselor convinces us that we’re sinful.

Want to hear more, including how God the Holy Spirit convinces you of his love and gives you the motivation for living?  (Yes, that would be the meaning of life.)  Watch this week’s message taken from John 16.