Increase Our Faith – Delight in Duty

Can you delight in duty?  How about delighting in a trip down the parkway?  It’s almost that time again.  The glorious colors of Carolina forests will erupt from the relatively boring green mountain sides.  It’s as if God paints the landscape for a few weeks until everyone of those leaves falls to the ground.

If you’re like me raking leaves isn’t a favorite activity, but it needs to be done if you want to have a lawn the next spring.  Taking care if a home is a big deal, and when you’re three years old taking care of anything is a big deal.  When my three year old got his first rake that was his size, Oh BOY! What fun to help dad rake the leaves.  There is delight in that duty.  Fast forward fifteen years or so and the delight has probably worn off.  The duty has become a chore.

This morning we begin a new sermon series – Lord, Increase our Faith.  We’ll hold up the gift God has given us by the power of his Spirit and see all that we can do with it.  This morning in our first series we consider the duty that we have in life.  Yes we’ll see that we can delight in duty.

This is only the second time in twenty-four years that I have preached from the book of Chronicles.  The challenge with this book is that it’s a second run through on the kings of Israel, including King David.  The reason is the purpose and the timing behind the book.  All of the history, the gory details of David’s sins, the failures of God’s people are recorded in the books of Samuel and Kings, but Chronicles comes at a different point in Israel’s history.

We’re back from captivity in Babylon and scholars think that someone like Ezra recorded the book of Chronicles for God’s people to answer the question now what.  Does God still love us.  After all that we’ve lost, after all that we’ve been through, are we still God’s people, is the Savior of the world, the Messiah still coming?  The answer is a resounding yes.  To hear how watch this week’s message taken from 2 Chronicles 29, the first message in our series, Delight in Duty.